Less administration and more time for the clients. With CRM

What is AGAPO?

AGAPO is a non-governmental, non-profit organization whose mission is to support job opportunities for people with health or social disadvantages, thereby contributing to improving their quality of life. The organization’s clients include people with mental illness, mental or physical disabilities, as well as people who have come out of prison, the homeless, minorities or people with other disabilities. The goal is to increase these people’s independence and get them into the labour market for people without disabilities and help them so they can live a normal life. More than 700 clients have passed through the organization over the last ten years.

Agapo is registered as a social service, which is inevitably linked to a large amount of record keeping and complicated reporting that it is legally required to keep and submit. This puts a considerable burden on employees; they work with a large spread of clients, they have to record all the information, write records from each meeting, make individual plans and many other activities that they subsequently write up and report to donors. Therefore, their work requires extensive data archiving and it is not always easy to navigate their way through it.

Why a CRM system?

The motivation to get a CRM system to manage client relationships arose as a response to the ineffectiveness and unsustainability of previous data processing. Jakub Purdjak, Agapo’s director, described the situation as follows: “It used to be such chaos due to the various ways of storing data, something was in Excel, something was written in a Word file. There was data inconsistency, it was difficult to trace something and archiving was also a big issue. Every meeting with a client had to be recorded in different places, which didn’t make the work easy and increased the administrative burden. That was what I tried to remove.”

Why Salesforce? proved to be the obvious choice among the customer relationship management systems on offer. “I really liked the fact that, thanks to the Salesforce Foundation’s licensing policy, we had access to a professional CRM system for free, one that can handle everything we need, even with the ability to customize it to our organization’s needs and to modify it in any way whatsoever in the future.” After selecting a suitable system, they contacted CRM pro neziskovky, which installed the CRM system at Agapo. Jakub Purdjak describes his experience as follows: “The cooperation ran completely smoothly and exemplarily. There was a small overrun during the implementation, as in all projects, but it was nothing fundamental. Borek [the consultant] was helpful and constantly offered some form of help. As for training the users, everything was absolutely wonderful. We keep in touch with Borek and when he comes across a tip or news and knows it’s something we could use, he lets us know. We are truly grateful for that.”

Using Salesforce in the organization is now an integral part of the organization’s activities. It serves as a central repository for contacts on their clients and employers and for storing and sharing job offers or monitoring employee performance. Complicated reporting and statement requirements have become less time consuming due to simplified reporting and automation. “Whenever there is an inspection, whatever they ask for, we can prepare it for them in a matter of moments or immediately show them in the system. In all, the work has become much more efficient and faster. We can easily evaluate data that we couldn’t have before, so we have an overview of each client’s success, which helps us better target our help. The most important thing is that it means we don’t have to worry so much about administration, so we can do much more for our clients,” says Jakub Purdjak, describing the change that occurred after introducing Salesforce. In addition to the above, he also appreciates the fact that the system limits entering erroneous data, thus addressing inconsistencies in reporting, and the system can be remotely accessed, which is particularly helpful for field workers.

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