Often all the energy in the non-profit sector is directed to the individual organizations’ ideas and projects. So any help with running the organization is all the more welcome. Providing a non-profit organization with a modern CRM system means increasing their work efficiency, enabling them to give more help to the needy.

Is it a job for you?

Are you interested in CRM systems?

We offer self-development, professional advancement and getting to know new people.

  • Try out Salesforce CRM in the nonprofit sector.
  • If you're new to it, we'll teach you how to work with Salesforce.
  • If you are an experienced expert, you will find out how Salesforce works in other workplaces and what functionalities the system offers.
  • We have a wide range of projects. We work on relatively small implementations which give relatively quick results.
  • Our portfolio has larger and more complex implementations that will allow you to advance in Salesforce.
  • Working for us will bring you new, diverse experiences and you will meet lots of inspiring people.
  • New experiences and a helpful and pleasant environment, which is very different from a corporate one, will become the driving force for your further professional growth.
  • As a pleasant bonus, you will be helping good causes.

Are you an IT student?

We offer you the opportunity of doing work for a bachelor’s and diploma

  • You will try out implementing a real project in collaboration with an experienced mentor.
  • You will gain a good grounding for bachelor’s or diploma work.
  • You will gain knowledge of Salesforce CRM.
  • We will give you references in your CV to help you find a job.
  • As a pleasant bonus, you will be helping good causes.
  • Of course you can work for us without a bachelor's or diploma.
Through volunteering, I can peer into the world of non-profit organizations and contribute to good causes with a little technical expertise in Salesforce.
The best thing is that the results of the work are quickly visible. The positive feedback is pleasing, especially when I learn that after a year or two the non-profit is still using Salesforce.
I primarily work in the organization because of the price/performance ratio ... sometimes it only take a little effort that results in a tremendous lightening of the workload in the nonprofit where it is being implemented. It wouldn't have been so easy without SalesForce TM. My main focus is on developing packages and extinguishing fires - even those I didn't start myself ;-).
Being a volunteer for CRM for non-profits makes me feel good and also helps to expand my professional network as well as developing my skills and experience in Salesforce that are beyond my normal work.

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