The Institute for Monuments and Culture

How can Salesforce be used in the interest of monuments and culture?

What is the Institute for Monuments and Culture?

The Institute for Monuments and Culture is a non-profit organization that has been working since 2007 to protect and care for our cultural heritage. It does so through information, awareness raising and linking activities related to the restoration, financing and use of monuments. The Institute for Monuments and Culture runs an Internet news portal, organizes conferences, competitions, publishes a printed magazine and monitors subsidies and public collections for monuments. At the same time, the organization is also a social enterprise that employs people with disabilities who cannot find work so easily because of their health situation.

Why do they need a CRM system?

Before the Institute started using Salesforce, managing their data was much more complicated and less transparent. Aleš Kozák, Director and Fundraiser of the Institute for Monuments and Culture explains his motivation to find a CRM solution: “Our mission is to help spread awareness through examples of good practice. So our work is a lot about information, both its content and the contacts. Until recently, we stored data in different systems. But information needs to be organized so you can find what you want, use it and share it. This is especially true in a team of more people and there are almost 10 of us. One day you suddenly find that if you want to carry on, then it’s best to have one working system.”

So exactly how does the Institute use Salesforce in its work? The Institute uses it to develop cooperation with companies, make records on participants and conference participants and uses it when recording and distributing its regular printed magazine. Salesforce also helps it to develop individual donations, which are essential to its work as it provides part of its information and monitoring services for free.

Working with CRM pro neziskovky

Summing up his experience with CRM pro neziskovky when implementing Salesforce, Aleš Kozák had the following to say: “The consultant assigned to us gave us a great deal of attention for a long time. He stayed with us until we could start using Salesforce without his help. David [the consultant] was very helpful and in the end we even became friends. I believe that we will continue to cooperate in using Salesforce in our work.”

Support from CRM pro neziskovky

However, these ties of friendship and cooperation did not end when the system was up and running, they have continued for the third year in a row now. Institute staff attend training courses, organized by CRM pro neziskovky, so they can enhance their Salesforce skills and they have also been using the paid service for a long time. “I appreciate the fact that CRM pro neziskovky always helps in some way. We pay for monthly support and basic issues, or queries are dealt with in a relatively short time. When one uses such a tool, one needs to have a professional partner.”

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