Rubikon, for managing and assessing services

What is Rubikon Centrum?

Every year an average of 13,200 prisoners are released in the Czech Republic. Although an estimated 30% of them want to work, only 10% of them have a chance to succeed. This problem is being addressed by the non-profit organization RUBIKON Centrum, which has been helping people with a criminal past to find a job and reintegrate into society for over 20 years. Their services are aimed at reducing recidivism, thereby saving taxpayers considerable resources, but primarily increasing the quality of life for people with a criminal record and contributing to a safer society. Since its launch, RUBIKON Centrum has implemented over 50 projects and helped more than 20,000 clients. It was these extensive client records and management of the services that led them to seek out a CRM system.

How Salesforce is used in the organization is a tool that helps the organization keep track of clients, from their arrival in the organization and inclusion in the services to finding successful employment in the labour market. RUBIKON Centrum offers a wide range of services, from career (work) and debt counselling, through mentoring for Roma to probation programmes for young offenders. Even though each client can visit multiple services in parallel, means RUBIKON Centrum employees don’t lose track of them and can easily assess how they are doing and whether the services deliver the expected results. It is this ability to assess data at that the organization’s job advisor and administrator, Tomáš Cipra, most appreciates. “Reporting allows us to evaluate the success of projects as well as our services in general. All I need to do is click the mouse a few times and everything I need to know is right in front of me so I can assess the data. Thanks to reporting, we can follow a lot of the factors involved in our work and we also have lots of interesting data that we can use, for example, in the annual report or during fundraising. I remember what it was like before we started using, it took 14 days of continuous work to evaluate our services. This has reduced our work by more than 50%.” Thanks to reporting, Tomáš knows how many clients he has helped find a job every year, or how many clients remain in employment after the trial period, thus he can evaluate the success of the services.

The benefit of systematic work

In addition to’s practicality for working with clients, Tomáš also liked it for its user-friendliness, thanks to which he soon learned how to administer the system and it was relatively easily to train new employees at RUBIKON Centrum. “Salesforce is a huge benefit for the organization. I’d say about 70% of our employees work with it on a daily basis. The interface is very user-friendly, so it’s very easy to look something up and it all has its own logic. It is something anyone can learn. When we have internal training for employees, it may take an hour, however, afterwards, although my colleagues will still have the odd question, I know that they will be able to work in it completely independently.”

Opportunities for development

So far RUBIKON Centrum has yet to develop the full potential of and mainly works with managing contacts, services and projects. However, in collaboration with CRM pro neziskovky, a partner of, they plan to make greater use of its capabilities in the future and work on automating email processes or linking it with the accounting system.

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