ČERVENÝ NOS (Red Nose) Clowndoctors

It’s also thanks to Salesforce that the Red Noses can bring joy and laughter to children.

Who are the ČERVENÝ NOS Clowndoctors?

ČERVENÝ NOS Clowndoctors is a Slovak organization whose mission is to bring a bit of joy to children and seniors in hospital, thereby helping to improve their overall health. Armed with a red nose, humour and the motto “laughter helps” they bring a positive attitude to the lives of people in a difficult situation.

Up to 58 clowns can spread happiness to children, primarily thanks to support from donors. So it is fundraising that has proven to be the area where it is necessary to find a new and more effective solution. Making a large database of contacts more manageable, easier management of donations and better targeted communication with donors are just some of the requirements that are crucial for the organization’s success.

Why Salesforce?

Before the Red Noses started working with the non-profit CRM pro neziskovky, z.s., a Salesforce partner, thus becoming satisfied users, they also tried another type of client relationship management system. This gives them the opportunity to compare. Fundraiser Hana Mlkvá places particular emphasis on the independence and autonomy that Salesforce has enabled them to achieve: “It was difficult to work with the old system, we were dependent on one person, a developer who worked for us externally. Whenever we needed to change something, we had to call him up, meet him and it all took time. It was a much more complicated process. In comparison, Salesforce is more flexible, so when practical experience shows there’s a need to change something, as an administrator, I can do it right away. This is a huge advantage. The workflow is much smoother and you don’t need to pay for external help.’ Compared to the previous system, she also highlighted the incomparably lower price and the fact that it is much more user friendly.


ČERVENÝ NOS Clowndoctors Slovensko is part of the large, international network called RED NOSES Clowndoctors International, who help cheer up kids across Europe. CRM pro neziskovky implements the Salesforce system in five of their offices. Our capabilities have been tested by the organization’s founder Gary Edwards during pilot projects in Slovakia and Poland. On the basis of good results and feedback, we have been given further implementations in Lithuania, Slovenia and Croatia. We have used the same consultant on all of the projects. His previous experience means he perfectly understands the message, needs and problems of the Red Noses Clowndoctors organizations. Implementation is thus rapid and personalized. Hana Mlkvá commented on the role of our consultant as follows: “During implementation, everything depends on the consultant. You have to be sure that he is available to explain everything to you quickly and patiently. We were very lucky with Martin, he is a great Salesforce enthusiast and he’s great at conveying that enthusiasm to others.”

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