Salesforce is a top-class cloud CRM system

It excels with its huge modularity. It can be used to build solutions suitable for both the commercial and the non-profit sectors. To maximize Salesforce’s potential, it’s necessary to tailor it to your organization’s needs.

More efficient collection, storage and assessment means better communication, sharing and decision making.

Information is a sought-after commodity nowadays. All companies need to work with it. Non-profit organizations are no exception. At a certain stage of development, storing and processing data in MS Excel spreadsheets is not good enough and it’s time to turn to an advanced CRM solution.

Manage contacts

  • Manage contacts for donors, volunteers, companies, partners, sponsors, organizations, clients, employees
  • Saving your communication history – emails, phones, personal meetings, documents
  • Records of contact activities (in programmes, campaigns, projects)

“With CRM for nonprofits, we have acquired a multifunctional tool that helps us to systematically work with our donors, gained an overview of communications with important partners, and can easily manage all the necessary contacts and effectively reach out to various interest groups and individuals.” Jiří Krejčí, Director of Tři, o.p.s

Advanced fundraising

  • Donor segmentation
  • Automatic emails
  • Records, monitoring and assessment of fundraising campaigns
  • Detailed history of donations per donor
  • Records on payments and synchronization with bank statements
  • Integration with the / payment gateways
  • Generating gift confirmation

“We use Salesforce in the fundraising department. We use it to manage all the data from individual and corporate fundraising. We use it as a root system, which we connect with other applications such as various payment gateways, connections to bank accounts or an email marketing programme,” says Jakub Roun, fundraiser at the Salvation Army

Targeted communications

  • Contact segmentation – creating lists based on selected criteria (stored data)
  • Sending bulk emails – newsletters, invitations, donation confirmation
  • Analysing contacts’ activities on social networks
  • Integration into the mail client – Mailchimp and MS Outlook

“Whenever there is an inspection we can immediately show them whatever they want to know directly in the system. All in all, the work has become more streamlined and faster. We can easily evaluate data that we couldn’t have before, so we have an overview of individual clients’ success, which helps us better target our help. The most important thing is that it allows us worry less about administration, so we can do much more with our clients“ Jakub Purdjak, Director at AGAPO

Manage programmes and projects

  • Records on the organization’s individual programmes and projects
  • Project management (participants, documents)
  • Programme management (activities)
  • An overview of grant and subsidy opportunities

“Salesforce is a huge asset for our organization. I’d say that 70% of our employees work with it every day. The interface is user-friendly, so everything is easy to search for and it all has its own logic. It really is something that anyone can pick up. When we do internal training for employees, it takes about an hour, and then I know that, although my colleagues will still have some questions, they will be able to work in it completely independently.” Jakub Cipra, Rubikon Centrum

Manage how the organization runs

  • Manage and control the organization’s day-to-day agenda
  • Roles, giving individual documents rights according to the organization’s needs
  • Sharing documents in cloud storage

“Our colleagues often work from home. We had to deal with how to keep track of all of the organization’s fundraising steps in this situation; from planning through implementation to final billing. Implementing Salesforce has enabled us to efficiently share data and processes.” Bohuslav Hůlka, President Sportovní klub vozíčkářů

Creating lists, reports

  • Creating lists according to reporting needs
  • Reporting for assessing campaigns and managerial decision making
  • Exporting reports to commonly used document formats

“Salesforce is very flexible, so when practical experience shows you need to change something, then, as the administrator, I can do it right away. It’s a huge advantage. The work process is much smoother and you don’t need to pay for external help.” Hana Mlkvá, Červený nos Clowndoctors

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